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Holidays in an alpine hut Those who decide to pass their holidays in a real alpine hut, have to take habit of adventure spirit with them. Sure, it's you who decides how adventurous your holiday will be. Some people enjoy long trekking tours and mountaineering, others like the peace and quiet around the hut. A week on the peaks of the mountains is a real balm for soul and body, especially in our always more frenetic world. Sometimes the farmer invites his guests to an excursion in the pastures. Having a traditional snack served on wooden boards people come together and enjoy social life in the heart of a still unspoilt, intact nature. Often there is a hut open to public nearby, where you can buy milk just milked, butter, cheese, bread, eggs or the famous Carinthian bacon. The Carinthian alpine huts are located in special positions, chosen with attention by their builders. The position had to get plenty of sunshine and a spring nearby could never miss. Even the wood for the construction had been cut during the right phase of the moon. The guest doesn't know anything about all of this, but he can feel it. He feels safe and secure in the comfortable room of the hut with its small windows, when the moon rises, the evening breeze touches the pastures and the hut itself. Do you know the emotion of lying in the grass and smelling the hay just cut? The life in an alpine hut is full of romanticism, but also full of rough surprises. Come and discover if your expectations correspond to reality. Enjoy a holiday in an alpine hut, "face to face with cow and ox".


  • - Classical alpine hut: old, new or renovated hut. Here the farmer takes care of his cattle in summer. Today these huts are only for tourists.

  • - Alpine guesthouse: offers lodging and food to the guests and is the social version of alpine hut holidays.

  • - Ski hut: the next skilift or cross-country skiing track are not further away than 10 minutes.

  • - Hunting lodge: located in or at the edge of the forest, not at an elevated altitude, offering a hunter's atmosphere.

  • - Winter hut: either in regard to the accessibility or to the equipment.

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